Embedded, Critical and Real-Time Systems

From its early beginings in 1976 Robinsons has been actively involved in the design and development of embedded systems using various real-time operating systems, in a variety of sectors, on a diverse range of problems.

Our previous experience includes:

    • development of a next generation alarm systems
    • design, development and production of a SIL4 track to train communication module
    • development of a distributed control system for a Tin Can production machine and Central Bank Note Sorter
    • development of a SIL2 signaling control system

We can develop software for new products or take on the maintenance of existing or legacy products. In many cases, much can be completed before the target hardware is even available. We also have extensive experience of testing embedded products using a variety of in-house tools and techniques.

  • Operating Systems:

    • VxWorks / Workbench
    • Windows IoT
    • Windows Embedded
  • Our skill set includes:

    • CAN Bus
    • Bluetooth
    • USB, Ethernet